Gathering on Greentree Participant Code of Conduct

Mosaic Genius and the Africa America Institute’s Gathering on Greentree has been thoughtfully designed to prioritize the safety of the participants, staff, family, and special guests who may attend the Gathering. The nature of COVID-19 is such that each of our individual actions affect not only our well-being, but also those of every other person we interact with or every person who uses the same spaces we use. In order to keep the Gathering as safe as possible, it is important that every participant is aware of, and their actions are informed by, the health and hygiene recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and the Gathering on Greentree event COVID-19 Compliance Safety documents carefully drafted by medical expert partners at Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™. 


The following requirements must be followed at all times when an individual selects to participate. Failure to comply with COVID-19 requirements may result in immediate removal from the Gathering on Greentree and all associated activities for reckless or egregious conduct that places others at unnecessary increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. The Mosaic Genius leadership will be informed by medical experts in reaching their decision, which shall be immediate and final.  For more information about NY COVID-19 safety measures visit https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/home



  • All individuals (including participants, guests, and staff) must be vaccinated and provide documentation prior to traveling to the Gathering on Greentree directly to Shared Harvest via the myCovidMD™ SmartVault  Portal, of their vaccination status in order that the information may be confirmed within a week prior to arrival.


  • Participants who have recently tested positive for COVID-19, greater or equal to 14 days, and are asymptomatic, must provide documentation of one of the following: 
    • A negative PCR test within 48 hours AND a same day antigen test with supporting medical record documenting COVID-19 infection.
    • Three serial rapid antigen tests OR dual rapid antibody test (IgM + IgG) with supporting medical record documenting COVID-19 infection.


  • Participants who choose not to participate in testing for COVID-19 for any reason will be in violation of the protocol and will not be allowed to attend the Gathering on Greentree. 


  • If an individual tests positive prior to arrival or is determined to be in close contact with a confirmed case, that person will be managed by their local public health authority and should not travel to the Greentree site until their period of isolation or quarantine (minimum of five days) is completed and local health officials clear the individual to travel. 
  • For individuals who tested positive by rapid antigen only, there must be supporting medical records supporting a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 and or reflex PCR testing. All records must be official including the date and location of the test or vaccine.


  • Upon arrival, individuals will be subject to COVID-19 testing each day of the Gathering on Greentree and any additional testing as directed by the onsite Testing Clinical Coordinator and Chief Medical Officer. Those who have been medically cleared, will be denoted by a wristband as part of their credentials.  Participants are required to wear their credentials at all times to access ALL programming and activities. 


  • Individual or group trips, appointments, and activities or meetings with individuals who are not a part of the Gathering on Greentree community are strictly prohibited. Once receiving your daily indicator denoting your negative COVID status attendees may wear a mask at their discretion. Anyone who desires no physical contact with anyone will have a special wristband as an indicator of their preference to remain contactless. Attendees are encouraged to be COVID sensitive and respect the space and desires of fellow attendees regarding physical contact (hugs, vs. fist/elbow bump vs. no contact). Whenever possible, all individuals should practice physical distancing to the degree possible, including those who have previously contracted COVID-19 within 90 days or have already received the COVID-19 vaccine.


  • If a participant has close contact (defined as less than 6 feet of physical distance for 15 cumulative minutes or more) with someone that is not a part of the Gathering on Greentree community, they should inform the onsite Clinical Coordinator immediately. Additional testing or quarantine may be needed and will be assessed on a case by case basis.  Potentially exposed individuals will not be allowed to attend The Gathering on Greentree activities until they have been medically cleared.


  • Any participant who believes that any other violation of protocol has occurred (whether their own or by another individual) should report the concern immediately to the Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™ Clinical Coordinator. 


  • Physical distancing and wearing a mask are also recommended at all times except in the individual’s room or when eating and drinking. This will help to create a safe ecosystem for everyone to fully participate in the Gathering on Greentree with ease.  Mosaic Genius and the Africa America Institute reserves the right to alter these requirements based on advice of medical experts. If a need to do so arises, the committee will inform participants via email or text communication established upon registration.