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Site-Specific Area Staff Openings:

Sponsorship & Promotions Officer

Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™ is looking for an organized and resourceful multi-tasker to join our team. This position would involve real-time and in-person coordination of local sponsors, engagement of government officials and promotion of the event across community calendars.  The Sponsorship and Promotion Officer will also be responsible for finding sponsors for student loan debt relief rewards programs for volunteers at pop-ups, and will be required to show measurable performance and success in this area.  Applicants should be detail-oriented, work well in teams, and adept at managing client relationships. Impeccable communication skills are a must-have as well as proficiency with technology. Applicants need to be comfortable with managing expectations in high-stress environments and providing comfort to partners and clients. Officer should be present at most pop-up events and assist with production team when available.  They will be responsible for arranging their own internal replacement if attendance is not possible. 
Hours:  15 to 20 hours per week Salary: Stipend: Contract 2000 – 2500 per month with commission.

Clinical Coordinators

Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™ is looking for a certified allied health professional with excellent organization and exemplary intrapersonal skills to join the team as a Clinical Coordinator. This person will have remote and on-ground responsibility at our pop-up events in Los Angeles. This position involves training, supervision of volunteers, acquisition of medical supplies and resources, revising educational material and data input into State’s vaccination websites. The Coordinatorwill also provide creative input to addressing healthcare disparities and improving health equity. Active nurses/RNs, public health professionals, PA’s, NPs are encouraged to apply. The Clinical Coordinator will also be responsible for helping to facilitate the volunteer orientation webinars and taking attendance of all clinical volunteers present in webinars and at events.  Applicants should be skilled at working in a team with many moving parts and should be comfortable managing expectations in high-stress situations. As such, communication skills must be impeccable.
Hours:  Part-time and Full-time available depending on skillset. Salary: Competitive

Production Assistants

Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™ is seeking a motivated team-player with excellent organizational skills to take on the role of Non-Clinical Site Lead to join the production team at “pop-up” COVID-19 testing and vaccination events in and around Los Angeles, CA. The Production Assistant will oversee all activities and volunteers at pop-up events. Applicants should have exemplary intrapersonal communication skills, and a strong work ethic. Responsibilities include setup, breakout, entertainment planning, food distribution, street team coordination to name a few. Production Assistants will also have to manage inventory at events, including ensuring that all signs are placed appropriately and hospitality tables are setup. The Production Assistants will also be responsible for procuring sponsorships for each event for the volunteer Student Loan Debt Relief program and other volunteer rewards programs. 
Hours:  10 to 20 hours per week, production and non-production week may vary Salary: Stipend – $300  per event, ongoing part-time positions available.

Vaccination Team Members -

Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™ is seeking certified allied health professionals to join our team for COVID-19 pop-up testing and vaccination events in the greater Los Angeles area to provide medical patient screenings and vaccinations. Applicants must have excellent intrapersonal skills, be culturally competent and understanding, and be comfortable working in a fast-paced team environment. It is expected that these team members will attend most events. Responsibilities for members of the Medical Screening and Vaccination Team will include: providing medical screenings based on CDC and state guidelines; administering vital checks; administering vaccines; helping non-clinical volunteers to set-up and break-down pod stations before and after events. All Screening and Vaccination Team Members will be expected to comply with all health and safety protocols.
Hours:  10 to 12 hours during events. Salary: Hourly, $30 to $55 per hour depending on credentials.

Part-Time Position Openings:

Part-Time Positions are 3 to 6 months.

Technical Lead, IT/Network Technician -

Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™ is looking for a qualified IT/Network Technician that will install and maintain computer systems and networks in order for the organization to achieve highest technical functionality. Also versed in some level of software development and can readily communicate and serve as a Project Manager as needed with dev shop. A successful IT/Network Technician must have a thorough knowledge of computer software and hardware as well as an understanding of a variety of internet applications, networks, and operating systems. The Ideal candidate would also have excellent troubleshooting abilities and attention to detail. The Shared Harvest Technical Lead will also train in-house users of the systems to ensure effective, efficient, and safe usage of the IT infrastructure. Necessary skills thus include clear interpersonal communication.


Responsibilities for this position include:
A qualified IT/Network technician would be able to design and install well-functioning computer networks, connections and cabling. These networks must then be maintained in ways that optimize performance and the IT/Network technician must be able to ensure the security and privacy of aforementioned networks and computer systems. It is also required that applicants have the interpersonal skills to be able to provide orientation and guidance to volunteers and coworkers on computer and network usage using comprehensive advice and instructions as well as the ability to install and configure appropriate software according to the needs of users.  Excellent and clear recordkeeping is also necessary in order to log all repairs, replacements, and the maintenance schedule so that it may also be possible to detect network or equipment failures or shortages.


Requirements for this position:
Applicants must have a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a relevant field AND/OR must have proven experience as an IT/Network Technician or in a similar, relevant position. It is also a requirement that applicants have excellent diagnostic, problem solving, and analytical skills. Communication, organization, and time management skills are also necessary for success in this position. IT/Network Technicians should also have an in-depth understanding of diverse computer systems and networks, knowledge of LAN/WAN networks, TCP/IP protocols, and network technologies. Security and privacy principles are paramount and any applicants should have total understanding of internet security and data privacy. Certification as an IT/Network Technician is preferred (e.g. A+, Network+, etc.). Also proficiency in webapp development, mobile systems, and state mandated vaccination systems (PrepMod and myTurn).

Hours:  Full time with flexibility surrounding technical emergencies. Salary: Credential dependent.

Full-Time Position Openings:

MEDI-CAL/HRSA Billing & Compliance Officer -

Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™ is looking for a detail-oriented and dedicated individual to join our team as a MEDI-CAL/HRSA Billing & Compliance Officer and Analyst. An employee in this position will promote healthcare compliance related to all clinical/business activities and support billing and medical record documentation. A qualified Billing & Compliance Officer and Analyst must perform highly responsible, professional, administrative, and technical work providing compliance oversight. In this position, the Officer would work closely with regulators to ensure exact compliance with any and all regulations surrounding all clinical/business activities. Responsibilities of this role include: A qualified MEDI-CAL/HRSA Billing & Compliance Officer and Analyst must develop, implement, and manage a compliance program for our organization. Once a program is developed, the Officer would ensure constant compliance with the program. All programming must additionally be in accordance with the regulations set forth by the United States Office of the Inspector General (OIG). For specific clinical/business events, the Officer would coordinate with federal and state regulators and make any necessary changes to the protocol to ensure constant compliance with any changing regulations. The Officer must review, assess, study, and analyze the overall coding, billing, documentation and reimbursement system for compliance problems and noncompliant activities. Additionally, protocol for proper reporting channels for compliance issues must be created and followed closely. Attention to detail is necessary, as the Officer must be able to closely read and research laws, regulations, guidelines, and best practices that govern the healthcare industry in order to ensure that any affiliated healthcare entities are completely compliant.   Requirements for the position: Previous medical/billing compliance officer experience is preferred. A qualified MEDI-CAL/HRSA Billing & Compliance Officer and Analyst must be extremely detail oriented. A systemic approach to addressing problems, researching laws and regulations, and implementing programs is necessary. An Officer must also closely follow rules regarding how to process and bill claims. Excellent interpersonal communication skills are necessary, as all programming, protocols, and plans must be circulated with the entire team and any necessary clarifications must be made.
Hours:  Full time. Salary: Credential dependent.

Data Scientist Assistant

Data Scientist Assistant

Seeking two or three highly motivated, detail-oriented and multi-taskers to join a diverse fast-paced startup environment with lots of dynamic positive energy. We are looking for a person with excellent organizational and communication skills who is able to deal with onfidential and time sensitive issues. Need individuals who will assist the organization with interpreting and managing our data to enhance our performance in delivering adequate service to our participants.


DUTIES: Work with stakeholders to identify opportunities to use our data to drive business solutions, analyze data from our databases to drive optimization and improvement of marketing techniques and business strategies. Use predictive modeling to optimize revenue generation, assess the effectiveness and accuracy of data sources and gathering techniques, develop custom data models and algorithms to apply to data sets.

REQUIREMENTS: At least a BA. Experience using statistical computer language to manipulate data and draw insights from larger data sets, knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques and advanced statistical techniques and concepts, and coding knowledge, experience and language. Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize work and multi-task, attention to detail and outstanding problem solving skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must have a flexible work schedule and able to juggle multiple time zones.