Executive Evaluation

Work is completed accurately (few or no errors), efficiently and within deadlines with minimal supervision.
Reports for work on time, provides advance notice of need for absence.
Consistently performs at a high level; manages time and workload effectively to meet responsibility.
Written and oral communications are clear, organized and effective; listens and comprehends well
Makes thoughtful, well-reasoned decisions; exercises good judgment, resourcefulness and creativity in problem-solving.
Demonstrates initiative, often seeking out additional responsibility; identifies problems and solutions; thrives on new challenges and adjusts to unexpected changes
Respectful of colleagues when working with others and makes valuable contributions to help the group achieve its goals
Possesses required skills, knowledge, and abilities to competently perform the job
Continually seeks ways to strengthen performance and regularly monitors new developments in field of work
Set objectives and outline steps to improve in problem areas or further employee development.
Exceeds Expectations - Employee consistently performs at a high level that exceeds expectations; Meets Expectations - Employee satisfies all essential job requirements; may exceed expectations periodically; demonstrates likelihood of eventually exceeding expectations; Needs Improvement - Employee consistently performs below required standards/expectations for the position; training or other action is necessary to correct performance; Unacceptable - Employee is unable or unwilling to perform required duties according to company standards; immediate improvement must be demonstrated