Daily Testing Registration

Shared Harvest Foundation is thrilled to be a partner in service with Mosaic Genius to ensure that your safety and COVID-19 health questions and concerns are met during the upcoming Mosaic Genius Conference.  Our mission is to spread compassion through wellness, service, and relief, leading up to and during your experience at the event.

Shared Harvest is a social enterprise founded by three passionate Black women doctors who collectively have dedicated over 50 years of service to uplifting communities of color. In 2020, SHF launched myCovidMD™ Public Telehealth Platform to get real resources to residents in real time and provide white glove treatment to everyone, every time.  Partnerships with organizations like Mosaic Genius help us ensure that no neighborhood is left behind.  myCovidMD™ will provide a safe and easy way to complete vaccine verification and health screenings, so that you can enjoy yourself at the Mosaic Genius Conference with confidence. 

In order to comply with health requirements for the Mosaic Genius Conference, you will need to upload proof that you have completed a full series of the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shot.  You will also be required to undergo a daily health screening and  rapid antigen test.  Everything you need to know about the Mosaic Genius Conference COVID-19 Protocol procedures may be found on the Mosaic Genius Conference Linktree provided here.  Additionally, the Linktree includes information about the test, registration process, and how to contact a member of our Health Team. 

Pre-Registration for onsite testing is simple.  You will text “MOSAIC22” to (917) 456-9396.  You will then receive a message with a link to register for your rapid antigen test and to sign the consent form. After a quick one-time registration, you’ll follow instructions to comply with health requirements and reserve your daily onsite rapid test.  Registration will be open beginning April 11, 2022, through the duration of the conference.  Please complete your registration before arrival.

When you arrive at The Greentree for check-in, you will receive an overview of next steps for Mosaic Genius' COVID protocol procedures, as well as directions to the Mosaic Genius testing area.  You will be greeted by our team at the Mosaic Genius welcome table.  Once your COVID testing is complete and you have received a negative result, you’ll be redirected back to the testing site where you will pick-up your credential that will include an identifying colored wristband that will designate your negative testing status. Once received, you MUST carry this credential at all times for access to Mosaic Genius event spaces and activities. 

If you receive a positive test result prior to travel, please email our CHP Health Team at covidmd@sharedharvestfund.org to discuss next steps and possible quarantine guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are excited to serve you and hope you enjoy this spectacular experience. To learn more about Shared Harvest and our community health initiatives, visit us at www.sharedharvestfund.org.


In Unity & Health,

Dr. NanaEfua Afoh-Manin

Chief Medical & Innovation Officer

Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™